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. >>> former president george w. bush doing well and expected to leave a dallas hospital today after undergoing heart surgery. doctors inserted a stent to open a blocked artery. the blockage was discovered monday during his annual physical. formerer president bill clinton offered his support to mr. bush. clinton has also had trouble with his heart and had a similar surgery in 2010. >>> dustin hoffman recovering after being treated for cancer. the spokesperson telling "people" magazine the cancer was detected early. he's been couragecally cured. no word on what type of cancer it was. hoffman is said to be in good health and feeling great. how are you feeling? feeling lucky? tonight is the big powerball drawing. $425 million up for grabs, the fourth largest jackpot ever. you may want to pay attention to where you buy your ticket. a new jersey newspaper did some calculating. over the last decade, pen pen , the luckiest powerball state by far. 16 winners. indiana is second with 111. louisiana, florida and missouri round out the top five. i think there will be some road trips today. >> can i get to
that decline, george bush claimed 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004. john mccain achieved 31% of the hispanic vote in 2008. that decline only went 4% with romney and seem to do that calculation that we should sacrifice the rule of law by granting amnesty on what they believe is political expediency for opening up a conversation with a demographic group of people that i think are just as blessed as the rest of us and we should treat them as god's children, all of us not identity of politics. i don't understand it or i wouldn't explain it in that way. >> i want to ask you more questions on this, obviously. you are talking about republican strategist, who kind of come up with this message and they think they need to bring more latino vote after the 2012 election. anna navarro is a friend of the show. she really didn't mince any words with you over the weekend. you were on "meet the press" and you both sparred back and forth. i mean she used words like mediocre congressman with no legislative record and it kind of went on and on from there and you guys went back and forth. quite heated moments. i
of "people" magazine, george w. bush's daughter barbara bush says she thinks that hillary clinton is unbelievably accomplished and she wants to see hillary clinton run. barbara bush, she's smart. she must know she's going to stir something up being president bush's daughter. this isn't to say this is a guaranteed vote for hillary clinton. that must be interesting dinner conversation after that. >> how about uncle jeb? >> exactly. >> her her namesake, barbara bush said not that long ago, enough, no more bushes running for president. barbara bush says she didn't vote for her but says she's accomplished, she'd like to see her in the race. i'd love to pick up the phone thanksgiving dinner or the next family gathering to see what uncle jeb thinks about all this. lot of people think jeb bush/hillary clinton would be a great debate but you know what? her father says he's out of the limelight, george w. bush doesn't want to talk about these things, maybe the kids thought we'll fill that vacuum. >> she's often devoiding the spotlight but making news today. john king have a good weekend. >>
before george h.w. bush had selected dan quail to be his running mate. as you can see like everyone else at the time then senator quail had trouble figuring out who the new soviet leader was. >> let me answer that. i don't think he has been snookered. i'll tell you what i think this president feels. i think he feels that mr. gorbachev is a different kind of soviet leader. i think that is a mistake in judgment on the president. >> i guess in retrospect president ronald reagan's judgment was pretty good. [ male announcer ] a doctor running late for a medical convention loses his computer, exposing thousands of patient records to identity theft. data breaches can happen that easily. we don't believe you should be a victim of someone else's mistake. we're lifelock. we constantly monitor the web so if any of your personal information is misused, we're on it. ♪ ow. [ male announcer ] call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. >>> let's go around the world now starting in syria where a team of investigators from the united nations will try to determine if the assad regime used chemical
willie horton, michael dukakis. he was soft on crime. the george h.w. bush campaign used that effectively. in 1982 i was with bill clinton. i was the pool reporter. the governor had no signature authority outside the state. he had to fly back to arkansas, we landed in west memphis so he could sign a death penalty case because he was trying to prove i'm a different kind of democrat, i'm tough on crime. i support the death penalty. this issue has been over the democrats but he and his team think they have the political room to do this and they'll move forward with it. >> it could be a legacy issue. man, what strange bed fellows these issues make. >> something that could get done in washington that's pretty paralyzed. >> good to point out when we can because it is rare. >> that is true, it is rare. strong point. >>> coming up on "new day," time for a little break. concerns about a key ingredient found in nail polish remover. why you may need your id to buy some at one major drugstore chain and others will follow. good reason. >>> a million dollar mixup. we'll let you know what a cincinnati c
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)